Color Consultation Services

Azul Painting provides color consultation for your all of project needs, we have a dedicated specialist who focuses on the complex effects of color and creates color solutions for a client's goals. Our specialist uses color psychology (how certain hues affect human behavior) and color theory (how certain colors mix and the visual effects of those mixtures) to fulfill your design goals.

Efficient Paint Color Consultant

Our color consultants provide you the opportunity to work with a professional who will come to your home and help you create a color palette, including ideas for fabric, paint, and furnishings if necessary. We can provide you with just a few color ideas or an entire house palette, depending on what you need. We also offer pre-coordinated palettes or custom palettes depending on your needs and your level of creativity. If you're more creative, a consultant that will work with you to design a custom palette is probably your best choice.

Our color consultants can help you save time, money, be an objective 3rd party and help you pull everything together regardless if your trying to sell or settling into your new home.

We also offer a discounted rate on peel and stick color samples from Samplize. The samples have the same effect as paint on a wall surface since they are produced with genuine manufacturer paint. They provide the kind of accuracy and texture that was only before achieved through purchasing sample paint and doing all the work in-house. Best of all, the samples eliminate environmental waste created by surplus sample paint, which is rarely disposed of in the correct way.


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We have experience in painting any surface from new constructions to cabinets in commercial properties